Police: Man beat, kidnapped ex-wife’s boyfriend

16 Mar

Article Tab: Carmen Mendez-SilvaCOSTA MESA – An ex-husband is in jail after being accused of luring his ex-wife out of her home, then beating her new boyfriend and driving him out to Huntington Beach in the trunk of his car, authorities said.

Police said the 32-year-old boyfriend was beaten with something like a pipe or bat, before he was dumped in Huntington Beach and told to move out of the ex-wife’s home.

The assault and kidnapping is believed to have been orchestrated by the woman’s former husband, Carmen Mendez-Silva, a 34-year-old man from Santa Ana, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

In a statement released by the police department, authorities said Mendez-Silva told his ex-wife he was going to take their 11- and 5-year-old children to McDonalds on Wednesday morning, but instead drove them to his Santa Ana home.

Mendez-Silva then called his ex and told her to meet him at the McDonalds to pick up the children, though he and the children were not there, according to the statement.

While the woman was out, Mendez-Silva and a friend are believed to have snuck into the apartment, at the 3000 block of Fillmore Avenue, through a window.

The two men bound the boyfriend, beat him, and threatened him if he did not move out of the home, police said.

The man was then put in the trunk of a black Honda, where he was driven out to Huntington Beach, the statement said.

The boyfriend contacted friends and family in Huntington Beach, who took him to a hospital to be treated.

During this time, the ex-wife returned to the apartment unaware of what occurred, police said. Assuming that her boyfriend left to work, she called police and reported that Mendez-Silva had not returned her children.

According to the statement, an officer called Mendez-Silva on his cellphone and he promised to return the children.

The 11-year-old girl returned to the apartment on foot, the statement read, and the 5-year-old boy arrived by taxi.

On Thursday, police were then called to Huntington Beach Hospital, where staff reported a man was being treated for injuries from an attack in Costa Mesa. A few hours later, Mendez-Silva’s ex-wife also called police, reporting that her former husband threatened to kill her if she did not return with him.

Mendez-Silva drove to his ex-wife’s home, but fled when police were called to the apartment building, authorities said.

Police began to search for Mendez-Silva until he was spotted near Raitt and Edinger in Santa Ana. According to the statement, Mendez-Silva tried to run but was taken into custody by police.

He is being held on suspicion of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, battering resulting in serious injury and burglary. Authorities believe he was living in the United States illegally after being deported once before. He is also being held on an immigration hold, police said.

Police are still searching for the second person accused of breaking into the apartment with Mendez-Silva. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Costa Mesa Police Department at 714-754-5395, or 714-754-5356, or 714-754-5197.


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