Charles Manson photo at 77 released

05 Apr

Article Tab: A photo provided by the California Department of Corrections shows 77-year-old serial killer Charles Manson on Wednesday. Manson will have an April 11 parole hearing.A new photo of convicted killer Charles Manson was released Thursday as the 77-year-old man has a parole hearing this month.

At the request of CNN, the California Department of Corrections released a new photo of Manson showing gray hair, beard and mustache along with his swastika-tattooed forehead.

“He looks a lot different,” department of corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton told CNN.


April 11, Manson will be up for his 12th attempt at parole. An appearance is not expected, as the last time Manson appeared at a parole hearing was 15 years ago.

On Jan. 25, 1971, Charles Manson and three female members of his notorious “Manson Family” were convicted of the grisly slaying of seven people at random across two nights in the summer of 1969. The passage of more than four decades hasn’t dampened fascination with the murders, which prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi called the most bizarre in American history.


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