Danielle Watson Autopsy Says Pregnant Charlotte Woman Stabbed 2 Dozens Times

28 Jun

Danielle WatsonA pregnant woman murdered during an apparent botched robbery of the cafe where she worked was stabbed over and over again, according to her autopsy.

Police say that 25-year-old Danielle Watson, a cafe manager in Charlotte, N.C., and her unborn child were murdered by her co-worker, an ex-con, on January 13. The newly obtained post-mortem reveals that the killer inflicted almost two dozen stab wounds to her neck and chest,according to WSOC.

A garbage truck driver discovered Watson’s body in a Dumpster. Police pinned the slaying on Mark Anthony Cox, a felon who’d been released from prison in November after serving three years for robbery with a dangerous weapon and breaking and entering, the Charlotte Observer reported.

He briefly worked in the kitchen of the Flying Biscuit cafe and told co-workers before the murder that he’d been falsely accused of robbery.

The initial investigation into the killing was mishandled, creating a controversy in Charlotte. Watson’s fiancé called 911 when he received a troubling telephone call. No one spoke, but he heard yelling in the background, then the call ended.

Keith Smith, already worried because Watson was late getting home, suspected the restaurant was getting robbed, the Observer wrote. He called 911 giving the name and address of the Flying Biscuit. But the dispatcher gave police the wrong name and location. Officers showed up at the Flying Biscuit six hours after Smith’s call.

When police tracked Cox down in Fayetteville, Watson’s stolen car was found nearby.

Cox has been charged with murdering Watson and her unborn baby. Authorities also tacked on armed robbery and felonious larceny counts to his indictment, according to My Fox 8.

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