Claudia Hidic, Fort Worth Teen, Shot And Killed While Robbing House: Police

11 Jul

ClaudiahidicrobberA Texas teen who was shot to death last month was a victim of her own crime: a robbery gone wrong.

Claudia Hidic, 17, was shot dead near the back door of a man’s home in Fort Worth on June 28, KCEN-TV reported. Her death was ruled a homicide.

It was later found that she and two alleged accomplices — Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley, both 21 — were trying to rob a home with at least five occupants, the New York Daily News reported. Gunfire erupted, and Hidic, the suspected mastermind of the plot, was killed. She was found face-down with a gunshot wound to the head.

The paper was told that Hidic may have known the occupants of the home, and may have tried to rob them previously. Further details about the botched scheme weren’t immediately available.

Fortenberry and Crumley were arrested and charged early this week with murder for their alleged role in the robbery.

Hidic’s death and the revelations about her crime have left her Facebook friends with a mixture of emotion.

“Don’t listen to all the bulls–t because that’s what it is,” one friend wrote. “People that are talking s–t didn’t know Claudia.”

“Did this beautiful young girl get mixed in with the wrong crowd? Horrible! So happy they made an arrest,” wrote another.

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