Pranksters likely behind ‘acid bombs’

04 Dec

ROSSMOOR – Five water bottles that were found Sunday with a blue substance inside – known as “acid bombs” – were likely left behind by juvenile pranksters from the neighborhood, authorities said.

The bottles were found near the 3000 block of Main Way Sunday, after a resident reported finding three of the bottles in their driveway, said Lt. Roland Chacon of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies cordoned off the area and found the three bottles near the resident’s driveway, he said. Another bottle was found on the sidewalk, and another was located in a tree in park across the street.

Known as “acid bombs,” the homemade devices are usually made by creating a chemical reaction inside the bottle expanding the air inside and breaking the plastic container, emitting a loud boom.

One of the devices exploded, causing no injuries.

“It’s dangerous,” said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the department. “It’s probably high school pranksters.”

The remaining bottles were collected by authorities to help in their investigation, he said.

An online newsletter sent out to residents from a neighborhood watch group over the weekend incorrectly stated that deputies were investigating the incident as a hate crime, officials said. As of Tuesday, there were no indications a particular resident was targeted, or that anyone was singled out because of race or religion.

Sheriff’s officials said the devices can be dangerous, and can cause injury when they are detonated.

The case is still under investigation.



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One response to “Pranksters likely behind ‘acid bombs’

  1. Jeff Downer

    December 5, 2012 at 5:38 am

    I’m not sure the term “prankster” adequately describes someone who plants acid bombs.


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