Him again? Auto-theft suspect behind bars for second time

09 Jan

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Riverside resident Luis Covarrubias is having more difficulty getting out of jail after his latest run-in with the law.

He was arrested Dec. 14 after deputies discovered the car he was driving had been stolen and contained stolen mail, checks, credit cards and other valuables, authorities said.

Covarrubias, 32, was booked on suspicion of vehicle theft, resisting arrest, possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property, petty theft, a probation violation and drug-related offenses. His bail was set at $30,000.

orange county bail bondsHis booking mug from the first arrest is shown at right.

Then Wednesday, Jan. 2, he was pursued by Riverside police cars, a chase that ended when Covarrubias ran over a spike strip. Police said (stop us if you’ve heard this before) the car was reported stolen and had a stolen license plate. Inside the car, deputies said they found methamphetamine, vehicle theft tools, stolen mail, checks, credit cards, Social Security cards and ID cards.

This time, Covarrubias’ bail wasn’t so cheap. He was still in custody Friday night after bail was set at $185,000.

orange county bail bondsCovarrubias’ booking mug from the second arrest is shown at right.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

There are a few pending against him, as you can see in the photo above from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department inmate locator website.

BY Brian Rokos



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