Dog stolen from SUV at Kaleidoscope is recovered

12 Mar
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Pudsy was reportedly stolen from a black Escalade that has the entire back looking like a doggy playpen. Bed, toys, food and water. Pudsy is always with her. Someone took out the drivers side key hole and opened the car leaving a laptop but taking the dog.

Pudsy, a dog, taken from an SUV parked at the Kaleidoscope Courtyards, is back but not doing well.

Patricia Karns, of San Clemente, got the dog back Monday after someone responded to her email address set up to recover the dog. Karns and her husband met with the man who said he found Pudsy at a gas station in Monrovia, said Vickie DeSilva, Karns’, a friend of Karns.

“The dog seemed disoriented and confused, ” DeSilva said. “She was crying and whimpering like she was in pain.”

The man told Karns Pudsy was found walking near a shopping mall in Monrovia over the weekend. They first contacted Karns via email on Sunday night.

DeSilva said Karns promptly went to seek medical help for Pudsy. The couple was accompanied by investigators from the Orange County Sheriff Department. More details on the investigation are expected.

The 4-year-old, hand-sized pup has been missing since Feb. 22 when Churee Serrano, Patricia Karns’ daughter, said she and her mother realized she was no longer inside the back of a Cadillac Escalade parked at the Kaleidoscope Courtyards, a shopping plaza at Crown Valley Parkway and I-5.

Patricia Karns, of San Clemente, got the dog as a therapy dog following a brain trauma. She took Pudsy with her at all times. At the time of the theft, between 6 and 8 p.m., both women were at a spa in the mall.

Serrano said when they were done, she drove her mother to her Cadillac on the lower level. Shortly after Karns, 57, got into the car, she called Serrano saying Pudsy was missing. They pulled over and returned to the Kaleidoscope where they searched for the dog. Although Karns had a Nordstrom shopping bag, some credit cards, a checkbook and her laptop in the car, those items were not taken. A glass case filled with several rings, a bracelet and a watch was also taken, Serrano said.

Mall management said Kaleidoscope helped with the investigation from the beginning. Security personnel were on duty that night and helped Karns and Serrano prepare a report for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Lisa Miller, who oversees mall management, said security at the mall was increased after the dogs reported theft.



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