Woman arrested after ‘doing circles’ around neighborhood

16 Oct

COSTA MESA – A Costa Mesa woman suspected of driving recklessly and nearly hitting pedestrians after a fight with her husband was arrested Tuesday, a week after being taken into custody in a similar incident, police said.

Officers shortly before 8 a.m. responded to reports of a woman driving a Toyota Camry on neighbors’ lawns and “doing circles” in the roadway in the 1600 block of Labrador Drive, a police statement said.

Investigators believe that the driver of the Camry, who they identified as Sandra Marie Montag, had been in an argument with her husband at their nearby home.

While driving recklessly, police say, Montag nearly struck a man walking his dog on the sidewalk, while other adults and an off-duty officer were forced to warn children and pedestrians to stay out of the car’s way.

Before officers arrived, police say, Montag drove back to her home. Her husband reportedly got into the vehicle, and the couple drove out of the area, police said.

A description of the vehicle was broadcast countywide, and officers staking out the street reportedly arrested Montag after she drove back to the neighborhood 2½ hours later. Montag was booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, police said.

No injuries were reported.

It was Montag’s second run-in with the law this month, police said.

Costa Mesa officers arrested Montag a week ago after she used her vehicle “as a weapon to try and assault her husband” during a suspected domestic violence incident, police said.

Montag was reportedly out on bail Tuesday pending a court appearance.



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