Shots fired during Huntington Beach high-speed pursuit

22 Jan

HUNTINGTON BEACH – A driver led police on a pursuit and someone in the vehicle fired gunshots at officers after they tried to pull a car over in connection with a shooting on Tuesday night, authorities said.

Two males were detained after the high-speed chase, which ended when officers carried out pursuit intervention techniques at Beach Boulevard and Heil Avenue, police said.

The pursuit began around 9 p.m. after a man reported being shot in the back near Springdale Street and Bolsa Avenue, police said. The shooting victim reportedly gave police a description of the shooter, and of the vehicle they left in.

Officers spotted a vehicle matching the description, police said, but the driver refused to pull over and a chase ensued. The driver reportedly blew through numerous red lights at high-speeds, and at one point police say an occupant of the car fired gunshots at the pursuing officers, but no one was struck.

Authorities have not determined a motive for the shooting, and are investigating what relationship, if any, exists between the shooting victim and the two males. The extent of the shooting victim’s injuries was not immediately clear.



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