Orange police station shut for hour Tuesday after object found in truck

26 Feb
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Anaheim Fire & Rescue hazmat team takes samples of a liquid found in an object later identified as a hydraulic pump in the back of a pickup Tuesday night at the Orange Police Department. The liquid was a mix of oil and water, all of which was deemed safe to the public.

ORANGE – The police station was closed for more than an hour Tuesday while the hazardous-materials team inspected a package that turned out to be harmless, officials said.

A postal office employee noticed a piece of equipment in the bed of her pickup when she left work in the 3700 block of East Chapman Avenue around 8:45 p.m. and drove to the police station, about four miles away, to report the object, officials said.

The police station was locked down for about 70 minutes while the Anaheim Search & Rescue hazmat team inspected the object. It was identified as a hydraulic pump and inside was a mixture of oil and water.

It is unknown who placed the pump in the truck.

City News Service contributed to this report.


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