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Three San Diego firefighters facing robbery, assault charges

Three San Diego firefighters who allegedly got into a brawl after a night of drinking will be arraigned next week on felony charges of robbery and assault.

Arrested were Capt. Vadid Cisneros, 36; Gregory Econie, 26; and Andrew Brennen, 29.

The three were arrested about 2 a.m. Sunday and have since been released from jail.

The incident allegedly began when the firefighters, after a night of drinking, got into a scuffle with a man in the Normal Heights neighborhood. Minutes later, the man and his brother — both in their mid-40s — confronted the firefighters and a second fight ensued, according to officials.

One of the brothers reported being hit in the head with a rock. The firefighters allegedly took wallets from the two, and Brennen allegedly warned the two not to report the incident to police.

Along with assault and robbery, Brennen has been charged with intimidating a witness to a crime.

Separate from the criminal charges, an investigation is underway by the Fire Department and the city personnel department to determine whether the three should be punished for the off-duty incident.

Until that probe is completed, the three will continue working as firefighters.

However, if the county government opts to invalidate their credentials as emergency medical technicians — credentials required of all firefighters — their employment with the city would be terminated, officials said.

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