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Man shot in arm during wedding reception

Article Tab: Santa Ana Police interview a bride and groom after their wedding on  Main Street Saturday night ended with one man shot.

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SANTA ANA An argument at a wedding reception turned ugly as one man was shot and another fled the scene.

Two unidentified men started fighting during a wedding reception at 1245 S. Main St., police Cmdr. Tammy Franks said. One man wrestled a gun from a security guard and used it to shoot the other man in the arm.

The unidentified 45-year-old victim was taken to a hospital, Franks said. The suspect, described as 6-feet, 2-inches tall, with a heavy build, fled on foot.



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‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’: Did Leland And Duane Lee Quit The Business, Or Were They Fired?

Dog The Bounty HunterDog The Bounty Hunter” (Wed., 10 p.m. ET on A&E) returned from its short hiatus with an explosive start: a screaming match between Dog’s sons Duane Lee and Leland Chapman, and their stepmom Beth.

“You want me fired, you gotta fire me,” Duane Lee told her. “That’s all I’m saying.” Then Leland weighed in, saying “I quit too.”

“It’s not on me, Leland,” said Beth, yelling “Call your dad! Call your dad!” as the men walked out.

So, what really did go down chez Chapman? The rumor mill’s been working overtime since TMZ reported back in February 2010 that Dog had fired his sons. (His rep later denied it, saying the pair had quit.)

Everyone involved’s been tight-lipped, although both sons have now admitted that they’ve left the show.

Wednesday night Beth tweeted that the family drama is far from being done yet. “It will take 6 weeks to get thru the whole thing tonight’s jus the beginning,” she wrote.

Stay tuned to see who did what on “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.


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Attorney concedes client raped and killed pregnant newlywed

In opening statements, an Orange County defense attorney told jurors that his client raped and then fatally stabbed a pregnant newlywed in her Costa Mesa apartment in 1988 while her husband was at work.

Costa Mesa“This is a horrible case, you don’t have to make it worse than it already is,” deputy public defender Thomas J. Lo told jurors Monday at his client’s murder trial in Santa Ana. “Hold him accountable for what he did, and only what he did.”

The defense attorney’s tactic appears aimed at fighting the death penalty, which his client could face if convicted.

What prosecutors allege, and Lo acknowledged to the jury, is that Jason Balcom entered Kent and Malinda Gibbons’ apartment on July 18, 1988, and sodomized and killed Malinda Gibbons.

Balcom, now 41, is charged with murder during the commission of sodomy, rape, robbery and burglary.

The alleged three-time rapist choked and tied up the 22-year-old, six-weeks-pregnant woman with her husband’s neckties and belts before raping her on her bedroom carpet and stabbing her in the heart, prosecutors claim.

Balcom stole her wedding ring and purse after the slaying, prosecutors said.

Nearly 24 years after his wife was killed, Kent Gibbons was visibly devastated Monday.

Sitting in court during opening statements, he began to tremble and looked away when jurors were shown a photo of the crime scene, with his wife’s bloody, partially disrobed body on the apartment floor.

On the witness stand he testified that everything was looking up for him and his wife before the killing. The Mormon couple were newly married and transplanted from Utah.

“We really wanted children, so she was already buying stuff in preparation for babies,” Gibbons said testified. “I’d always say, ‘Honey, we don’t have kids,’ and she’d say, ‘That’s all right because I want to be prepared.’ “


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