Man wounded by police dog during pursuit

31 Mar

HUNTINGTON BEACH – A man is under arrest on suspicion of assault and in the hospital after being bitten by a police dog during a pursuit in Huntington Beach Sunday morning, authorities said.

Huntington Beach police Lt. Gary Faust said officers responded to reports of shots being fired in the 7800 block of Barton Drive about 1:15 a.m. Several minutes after arriving in the area, officers reportedly spotted a speeding car on Warner Avenue and attempted to pull it over. Instead of yielding, the male driver sped off.

After running a red light on Beach Boulevard, the driver lost control of his car and rolled it on the freeway onramp just east of Warner Avenue and Magnolia Street, Faust said.

Faust said officers chased the man on foot before releasing a dog, which assisted in taking the man into custody about 2 a.m.

Officers also found a gun at the scene of the crash, but Faust could not confirm what type it was.

The man is currently in custody at a local hospital, where he is being treated for dog bites to his lower body.



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